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Innodis Ltd, Mauritius

Business Industry

Innodis, listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, ranks amongst the biggest players in the food and grocery distribution sector in Mauritius. With a workforce exceeding 800 employees and an annual turnover of MUR 2,7billion, it is engaged in different stages of the value chain, from production to distribution.

Scope of Work

Since 2006, EIS supplied Intermec rugged mobile computing solutions for their van sales and a warehouse management system as well as ongoing supply and maintenance of PCs, laptops, thin clients, printers and office software.

In 2008, EIS designed and implemented a wireless network and resilient servers and storage to operate their ERP and WMS whilst ensuring post-implementation maintenance and support.

Value Delivered

The wireless network provided a faster connectivity to the various sites including a secured intranet network. The use of Intermec solutions improved the sales cycle with faster and more accurate deliveries thereby significantly increasing customer satisfaction.
The setting up of resilient IBM, HP and Dell servers designed around the latest technologies ensures an efficient and hassle-free running of their data centre.

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